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Daily Dose - Your Passwords Need to be Longer

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Due to the increasing performance unlocked by GPUs, password cracking software will soon be able to discover your 7-10 character password without a problem (special symbols won't make a difference).  Richard Boyd, from the Georgia Tech Research Institute, told the BBC that today's GPUs have processing power that equals the supercomputers from ten years ago.  Security researchers recommend that you start using passwords with at least 12 characters.

XINS Integrates with GAE
The recent delivery of XINS 2.3 includes a handful of new features, such as Google App Engine integration.  The open source web services framework supports REST, SOAP, JSON-RPC, and much more.  Version 2.3 features support for Ant 1.8 and IPv6 along with easy deployment of web services in GAE.

Feel the New Pulse of CI
The latest release of the Pulse Continuous Integration Server is here.  Version 2.2 has revamped the build UI, created a new logs tab, and added a build navigator for reviewing build history.  Other major features include a viewer for working copies of in-progress builds, template navigation, notification subscription by project groups, and an agent overview.

Leonardo: An Open, Interoperable Drawing App
Josh Marinacci has long believed that there is a need for an excellent desktop drawing app that is both cross-platform, and open source (the free kind).  Today he announced his own solution to fill this void - Leonardo.  The core is written in Java, but more extended functionality will be written in JavaScript, Jython, and JRuby.  To download Leonardo, go to

Seven Security (Mis)Configurations in Java web.xml Files
These are the seven common sins (misconfigurations) in Java web.xml files.
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David Zimmerman replied on Thu, 2010/08/19 - 11:06am

What is needed is better security in the web application. Multiple logins frm different IPs denied and either password failure lockout or delays added to password processing so that it can't be brute forced.

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