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Daily Dose - Google to Oracle: 'Bring it'

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In a statement sent out to the media late last week, Google announced its intentions to defend open source and protect Android (and the Dalvik JVM) against the "baseless" suit that Oracle has brought against it.  Google has called Oracle's infringement case an "attack" against both themselves, and the open source Java community.  Google says it will "strongly defend open-source standards" and continue its development of the Android platform.

More Comments from Gosling on Oracle v. Google
In the midst of the Oracle v. Google "firestorm", James Gosling, the creator of Java, took some time to examine the issues through his uniquely experienced and incisive perspective.  Along with an explanation of the patent game that goes on in the US and other countries, Gosling also gives us insight into the time when Google first came to Sun hoping to build their Android OS.  Gosling takes a hard look at companies like Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, and Google, saying "There are no guiltless parties with white hats in this little drama.  This skirmish isn't much about patents or principles or programming languages.  The suit is far more about ego, money and power."  He added, "It's a sad comment on the morality of large modern software companies that Microsoft, while I don't think they've gotten any better since Sun sued them, probably has the high ground."

Apple Manager Allegedly Takes $1M in Kickbacks
Paul Shin Devine, a mid-level global supply manager has been arrested for allegedly selling confidential information about Apple.  This information was sold to Asian suppliers, who then used it to negotiate more favorable contracts with Apple.  Devine may have obtained as much as $1 million in kickbacks.

Puppy Linux and Lynx - Together at Last
The new release of Puppy Linux 5.1, codenamed "Lucid Puppy", is compatible with Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx.  The release also offers more programs, easier installations, and simplified network setup.  Creating packages that are tested and configured for Lucid Puppy is now a faster process.

Time for Open Source Java Alliance
A call to action from one blogger.
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