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Daily Dose - First Trojan Pierces the Walls of Android

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According to a security firm, the first Trojan virus has infected Android phones this month.  Once the normal looking application installs, it starts texting premium rate phone numbers and criminals actually end up collecting the charges to the victims' accounts.  So far the virus is confined to Russia.

First International Agile Certification
At the Agile 2010 conference this week, the world's first international consortium for Agile (ICAgile) was introduced.  The main goal of this non-profit organization will be to set skills-based agile certification standards.  The consortium will provide an international set of certifications in the areas of project management, business analysis, programming, testing and user-interface design.

Zimbra Goes Into VMware Virtual Appliance
Today, VMware released a standalone virtual appliance version of Zimbra - an email, calendar, and collaboration application that the company bought from Yahoo in January.  Many speculated that VMware might use Zimbra to build a competitor to other similar applications, but instead it looks like they will make it into another item to sell to companies adopting the vSphere stack.  The developers at VMware managed to hide the unfamiliar underlying Ubuntu Linux layer from sys-admins installing the appliance on Windows (Zimbra runs on Linux, but most of VMware's customers use Windows).

Rally Enhances AgileZen Acquisition
After acquiring the AgileZen project, which is a Kanban board visualization too, Rally software has continued its development.  AgileZen was acquired a few months ago and now Rally has added filters by color, tag, owner, and more.  You can toggle between hidden information and you can create, name, share, and save filters.

Combining Hibernate Cache and Ehcache for Better Java Scalability
A gentle intro to setting up a Hibernate second-level cache with Ehcache.  Thanks to Jacek for posting this link.
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