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Daily Dose - Eclipse Gemini Blueprint Reaches Milestone One

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The Oracle-SpringSource venture, Gemini, is finally bearing fruit this month with the release of the OSGi 4.2 Blueprint Reference Implementation.  The Blueprint spec builds on top of the Spring Dynamic Modules v2 code base.  Gemini Blueprint is available under the Apache license and Eclipse Public license.  

Notepad++ Releases 5.7 from New Home
The Notepad++ source code editor for Windows (written in C++) released its 5.7 version from the project's new website,  The project left SourceForge in protest against their blocking of access from five US sanctioned countries.  Notepad++ uses only Win32 API calls via the Standard Template Library.  It supports a wide array of languages and the latest version features new HTML5 and CSS keywords.  5.7 also has a new "Inverse bookmark" feature.

GWT 2.1 M2
The second milestone release of Google Web Toolkit 2.1 continues down the path of deeper integration and broader feature sets for the GWT, SpringRoo, and STS combo for Google and VMware's new cloud infrastructure.  The use of TOKEN was dropped in the Request Factory.  The bikeshed has also been dropped from GWT in this release.  

SproutCore Creator Leaves Apple; Founds Startup
One of the founders of SproutCore, Charles Jolley, recently left his job at Apple to found a new startup called Strobe Inc, which will focus on SproutCore.  Believing that now is the time for nativeized web apps to go mainstream, Jolley will focus on bringing SproutCore, an HTML5 application framework for building desktop-caliber apps in the browser, to the business mainstream.

How Does Google Work?
Ever wondered how Google search does what it does?  This graphic will show you how. 
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