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Daily Dose - Mercurial Rises to 1.6

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The Mercurial version control system reached its 1.6 release this month, and is available for download here.  The DVCS sports two major new features in 1.6.  They include pushable bookmarks and a powerful new revision query language.  The bookmarks may now be synchronized between repositories using push and pull.  1.6 also provides more friendly handling of new and closed named branches, as well as pre and post hooks with parsed command line arguments.

Facebook Owns the Fattest Elephant (Hadoop Cluster)
It's official!  Facebook has the world's largest Hadoop cluster.  Facebook's Datawarehouse Hadoop cluster became the largest in May with a system that has more than 21 petabytes of storage in a single HDFS cluster, with 2000 machines.  As Facebook releases more information about its Hadoop cluster, it should help advance the data analytics field as well.

PayPal Jumps on the App Engine
Another treat was given to developers this month by PayPal.  They just released an open source toolkit for Google App Engine that makes it easy to integrate Java apps on GAE with PayPal's Adaptive Payments API.  They say a Python toolkit is coming next.  Check out these instructions and examples for using the toolkit.

Python 2.7 Has Landed
The GA release of Python 2.7 is finally here after months of development.  It is the last version that will have new features for a while.  The next version of Python will focus on stability and language fixes.  Many of the features planned for 3.x were back-ported to this release.  New features in Python 2.7 include:

  • An ordered dictionary type
  • New unittest features including test skipping and new assert methods
  • A much faster io module
  • Automatic numbering of fields in the str.format() method
  • Float repr improvements backported from 3.x
  • Tile support for Tkinter
  • A backport of the memoryview object from 3.x
  • Set literals
  • Set and dictionary comprehensions
  • Dictionary views
  • New syntax for nested with statements
  • The sysconfig module

Outsourcing Doesn't Work
Management tells you it's a necessary evil, but this blogger argues against outsourcing.  Thanks for the link, Amber Shah!
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Ronald Miura replied on Mon, 2010/07/05 - 4:02pm

You pasted the wrong link... 'Outsourcing Doesn't Work' goes to Python 2.7 release

Reid Atherton replied on Tue, 2010/07/06 - 9:59am

"It is the last version that will have new features for a while."

Given the availability and progress of Python 3.x, not strictly true. You'll just need to convert your code to get the new features. (Reminiscent of how a big chunk of the Perl 6 improvements have enhanced Perl 5.)

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