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Daily Dose - Clojure 1.2 Moves Quickly Towards GA

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Project committer Stuart Halloway just announced the launch of the first release candidate for Clojure 1.2.  Although there have been few changes between this release and the last, the news is significant because the first beta of Clojure 1.2 went live only two weeks ago.  They only had one beta release and they may only have one release candidate as well.  Expect the GA very soon.

JBoss Introduces IronJacamar
Formerly known as JBoss JCA, IronJacamar is the new name for their implementation of the Java EE Connector Architecture 1.6 spec.  The 1.0 beta 1 was released this week, and it has been certified against the TCK.  The distribution includes JBoss extensions and tools such as ShrinkWrap, Arquillian, a validator chain, and a code generator.

Burton Group Declares Citrix's VDI Tech Enterprise Ready, not VMware's
Citrix's latest update for its XenDesktop meets all of the 52 requirements in Burton Group's 'enterprise ready' assessment for desktop virtualization.  While VMware View 4.01 meets more than 90% of the required features, it lacks role-based access control, Windows 7 guest support, and enterprise management integration.

OpenSAF Reaches Maturity
With the OpenSAF Foundation's announcement that the Open Service Availability Framework has reached version 4.0, they also declared that the release fulfills the vision of the project's initial creation.  The framework now implements all of the major functions in the Service Availability Forum Application Interface Specification (SMF). 4.0 also includes logging, tracing and debugging improvements along with scalability enhancements and modularity.

Wikileaks To Leak 5000 Open Source Java Projects With All That Private/Final Bullshit Removed
Great programming-heavy satire related to current events.
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