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Daily Dose - PHP Language Update

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The next version of PHP 5 has been released with over 100 bugfixes, some of which are security related.  PHP 5.3.3 may owe some of these bugfixes to the PHP Month of Security in May, which has been run by Stefan Esser for three years.  In PHP 5.3.3, methods with the same name as the last element of a namespaced class name will no longer be treated as constructor. This change doesn't affect non-namespaced classes.

Xcode 4 Preview
Apple published a sneak peek of the new tools and features coming in their Xcode IDE for building Mac, iPhone, and iPad applications.  The new features include a consolidated UI, more code assistance tools, a version editor, a new debugger, and new instruments.  Xcode 4 also implements the LLVM 2.0 compiler infrastructure.  

Tornado 1.0 Touches Down
The Tornado Web Framework and Server is an open source version of FriendFeed's scalable, non-blocking web server and tools.  The project just reached version 1.0 this week.  A ton of new features were implemented such as improved support for running other WSGI applications, pre-forking support for multiple tornado processes, new httpclient module options, and improved performance on Mac OS X and BSD.

OpenAM 9.5 Arrives from ForgeRock
The company that hired Simon Phipps, ForgeRock, just released an important milestone for OpenAM, their access management product.  OpenAM 9.5 is the first totally community-sourced release of OpenAM.  The release has a new monitoring framework, enhanced multi-platform support, enterprise single sign-on, and performance enhancements.

Dear Oracle, can we have our nice javadoc URLs back?
Oracle has changed the URLs that sun used to publish the JDK's javadocs.  Several developers want them back.  Thanks for the heads up, Markus Eisele.
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