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Daily Dose - Yet Another Flash Player Released

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The newly released Lightspark 0.4.2 is another alternative implementation of the Flash Player (others include Smokescreen and Gordon) that is designed to be efficient on current hardware.  Changes in this release include plugin support for Chrome, and support for Firefox's OOPP mode.  Just remember that the proliferation of these SWF players wouldn't be possible if Adobe hadn't made the specifications open and unrestricted.

Redmine Ruby Management Reaches 1.0
Redmine is a project management system used for hundreds of projects including RubySpec, Puppet, Typo3, and the Ruby language itself.  Version 1.0 was just released and one of the new features is the ability to cache text formatting.  It uses RoR's MemoryStore for caching, but that can be replaced with any other cache store.  

NexusOne is Put Out to Pasture
Google has received its last shipment of Nexus Ones from HTC and once they are sold, they plan on closing up shop on their webstore, which was launched earlier this year.  Google will begin offering the phones to registered Android developers through a third party so that they can have access to a phone with the latest Android OS.

Ratpack: A Sinatra-esque Groovy Framework
A new project on GitHub called Ratpack has emerged for Groovy web developers who want to harness a 'micro framework' much like Ruby's Sinatra.  You can easily run your app from the command line by copying the jars to your Groovy libraries.  The framework is still "very beta" but it works well enough for you to use right now.

Ubuntu Kung-Fu – 10 Best Tricks (and some even work on Macs)
Ten of the best tips and tricks from the book "Ubuntu Kung-Fu".  Thank Hamlet D'Arcy for the link.
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Nice Robot replied on Thu, 2010/07/22 - 6:44am

We'll see how "unrestricted" it is if/when third-party development and players begin to noticeably cut into Adobe's profits from Flash.

It isn't truly "open and unrestricted" until it's an open standard managed by a standards body rather than a single corporation.

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