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Daily Dose - Scala 2.8 Blasts Off

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Stick a fork in it - Scala 2.8 is done.  The GA release hit this morning with sweeping changes that include a revamped collection library, named and default arguments, optimized array handling, and more.  See the full list of features on Javalobby.  Note that 2.8 is not binary compatible with the 2.7 branch, but the Fresh Scala Initiative should keep all of the libraries updated.

I'll Take My Redis To Go
James Bracy has announced his startup around Redis, a NoSQL key-value store.  His product, "Redis To Go", mitigates the pain involved when adding a new Redis server to manage.  This software can get a new Redis server up and running in under a minute.  Redis To Go is currently available as a Heroku add-on.  In the next few weeks Bracy will add the ability to provision Redis directly from the Redis To Go website.

Clojure 1.2 Now in Beta
Today the first Beta release of Clojure 1.2, a JVM language similar to Lisp, went live.  1.2 contains new protocols, sequence library functions, and revamped agent error handling.  Find the list of changes on GitHub.

Jaeger Bombs Planned for Sept. 1
Mozilla reached an important milestone in the development of their new JavaScript engine component, Jaeger Monkey.  Jaeger Monkey compliments the current Trace Monkey by boosting performance on JavaScript that can't be channelled into tracing loops.  Mozilla says it will be done by Septemer 1st, which means you can expect it to be in the final release of Firefox 4.0.

It’s Faster Because It’s C
So, you have a program that uses efficient algorithms with a well-parallelized implementation, and it’s neither I/O-bound nor memory-bound. Will it be faster in C?  Link by Benjamin Klein.
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