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Daily Dose - Avatar… No, Not The Movie

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The test automation vendor Automation Anywhere really liked the movie "Avatar".  They liked it so much that it inspired the creation of their newest utility for their recently-launched Testing Anywhere 6.5 product.  DZone asked Automation Anywhere CEO Mihir Shukla to explain how Avatar works and he responded, "The concept of Avatar came from the movie. In the movie, the soul of the man is transferred into another being.  What we asked ourselves was how can we transport an application into Testing Anywhere.  The soul of an application is all of its objects.  We extract all of the objects from an application and then recreate that application in Testing Anywhere.  We take the snapshot, or a picture, of the application and superimpose the objects on it."  Avatar allows users to modify the tests without access to the live application.  When I make my next piece of software, I'm going to call it "Dark Knight".  :)

BlackBerry Whips Out Their Own Tablet Plans
Sources close to RIM have confirmed that a BlackBerry tablet, currently under development, should ship by the end of this year.  The device will have a 7" screen and 1GHz processor.  The BlackBerry tablet will also have Flash support and include a hardware-based Flash accelerator. 

Intel Has It's Best Quarter Ever, Again!

The second quarter net income for Intel this year finished at $2.89 billion, once again topping analyst's projections.  Apparently the personal computer industry's rebound isn't losing momentum.  Intel expects even wider profit margins in the coming months.

$3.8 Billion Lawsuit Levied Against eBay
XPRT Ventures filed suit against eBay for six patents that the online auctioneer allegedly stole.  The patents, they say, helped eBay develop lucrative payment technology now found on PayPal.  This is why XPRT thinks it's entitled to $3.8 Billion.  

Google's Killer App: DIY Mobile Development For Android
Take a look at Google's new App Inventor for Android if you haven't already.
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