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Daily Dose - More XML Graphics Components from Apache

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The weekend release of Apache XML Graphics Commons 1.4 arrives with more reusable components.  This release adds an option to generate smaller PostScript files and adds support for AdobeStardardCyrillic encoding.  1.4 also contains support for RefinedImageFlavor, TexturePaint support for PSGraphics2D, improvements to the XMP framework, and optimization for PostScript state handling in (E)PSDocumentGraphics2D.  Components of the XML Graphics Commons are used in projects such as Apache Batik and FOP.

64-bit Windows Installations Skyrocket
As more people make the shift to Windows 7, it seems that many are willing to take another 'future-proofing' leap and move to the 64-bit version instead of the aging 32-bit.  In a Windows team blog, Microsoft shared some statistics that showed nearly a 50/50 split between 64-bit and 32-bit installations for Windows 7 systems.  The split was 46%/54% in favor of 32-bit, but that's a huge change compared to Vista (a 11%/89% split in favor of 32-bit) and Windows XP, which has less than 1% of the user base with a 64-bit version.

Apache Stonehenge Adds Platforms
This weekend, the second release of the Apache incubator project, Stonehenge, brought support for more platforms.  Stonehenge is a set of example SOA applications spanning many languages and platforms, demonstrating best practices and interoperability.  The M2 incubating release this weekend added support for Sun Metro, WS-Trust, and federated identity.

Guacamole Goes Good with HTML5
A relatively young project, Guacamole 0.15, is yet another HTML5 tool riding the wave of buzz surrounding the pure-web approach.  Guacamole is an HTML5 and JavaScript (AJAX) viewer for VNC that uses a server-side proxy in Java.  The viewer will work in any browser supporting the canvas tag, while the server-side of Guacamole requires a servlet container such as Tomcat or Jetty.  Guacamole allows CopyRect encoding and client-side cursor (if it's supported by the VNC server), and it also has mouse wheel, international keyboard, and clipboard support.

3 Indispensable MySQL Tools
What MySQL tools could you not live without?  Thanks to Tony Sun for the link.
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