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Daily Dose - HTML5 Coming to Gmail

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Google announced that it would be rendering many upcoming features for Gmail in HTML5.  Dragging and dropping files from the desktop into the browser will be just one new feature in Gmail's new standards-based update.  Google will also leverage HTML5's database standards (migrating away from the now-dead Google Gears storage; in favor of HTML5 Web Workers).

Cool Off This Summer with Fully Native x86 Froyo   
A senior VP at Intel has recently stated that a fully native x86 version of Android 2.2 will be released this Summer.  All of the code will be sent back to the open branch being created for x86.  This could mean more Atom-powered Android tablets.

VM VB 3.2.6
Oracle's inherited desktop virtualization app for x86 hardware, VM VirtualBox, had a new release this week.  The 3.2.6 release features a number of bugfixes and updated OpenGL 3D support for 32-bit applications on 64-bit Windows guests.  This release also features improved SATA performance, compatibility updates for Mac OS X server guests, better command line parsing of the Windows installer, and fixes for several VB 3.2 regressions.

JetPack Straps on New APIs
The next version of JetPack has been released with more APIs for creating Firefox add-ons with web languages.  JetPack 0.5 features a XMLHttpRequest encapsulating API, a Tabs API, a selection module, and a Localization API.  The tabs API allows developers to open, close, and move tabs while the selection module offers getting/setting current selections and an onSelect property.

10 Best And Free Online CSS Editors For Web Designers
There's more out there than just Dreamweaver.
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