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Daily Dose - QR Code For Android on GitHub

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Its as easy as scanning that weird looking square with your Android phone to have it automatically download and install an Android package (.apk) wirelessly from GitHub.  Hot stuff right?  If you want your project to have this new feature you'll need to upload it again, since only the projects uploaded this weekend have the QR code block.  Yet another reason why GitHub rocks.

Google Gives the Command Line Some Love
The ol' command line should be getting some more love this week as Google released GoogleCL, a new open source Python application that uses gdata libraries to connect to Google Apps via the command line.  It currently works with Blogger, YouTube, Picasa, Contacts, Calendar, and Docs.  Fans hope to see GoogleCL included in Debian and Ubuntu repositories for their next releases.  Check out some nifty examples here.

Tomcat… There's an App for That
MuleSoft just posted a free iPhone app that lets Sys-Admins (who always have to keep a close eye on their systems) monitor and manage multiple running Apache Tomcat instances.  TomcatStats, which is similar to MuleSoft's open source Tcat Server, tracks memory usage, web traffic, and server status.  It's now safe for you Sys-Admins to leave the building.

Parrot 2.5 Finalized
The 2.5 version of the Parrot VM is finished this week.  Parrot 2.5 runs the Rakudo implementation of Perl 6, which keeps the compiler and runtime separate.  Parrot also has support for PHP, Python, and Ruby.  2.5 features a ByteBUffer PolyMorphic Container for direct byte manipulation and several STRING API clean-ups.

jQuery Fundamentals
If you haven't learned jQuery yet, here's your chance to start.
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