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Daily Dose - Hibernate and Hibernate Validator Releases

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The final release of Hibernate 3.5.3 was delivered today with three main bugfixes.  Hibernate Validator 4.1 CR 1 was also released today.  Validator 4.1 adds new custom constraints, provides enhancement which go beyond the Bean Validation specification, and gives developers an annotation processor to verify the correct placement of constraints.

Still No Decision on Bilski
The US Supreme Court released five opinions today.  The Bilski case, which could have far reaching consequences for software patents, was not one of them.  There is now a possibility that the case won't have a decision until next term.

Artifactory Plugin for Gradle
JFrog Artifactory recently added built-in features for Gradle and Hudson.  The popular repository manager uses the latest Gradle 0.9 pre-release and allows developers to configure the resolution and deployment of project artifacts with just one line of code.  You can also dynamically control all your remote repository parameters without polluting the build scripts.  The plugin works between Gradle, Hudson, and Artifactory.

Memeo 2.0 Makes the GDrive
Memeo version 1.0 has basic tools to sync documents one-by-one between your desktop and Google Docs account.  Memeo 2.0, which was released in beta this week, has the ability to create a virtual Google drive that ties into your PC's file system, so now you can easily drop entire folders into Google Docs.  Memeo chose the name "GDrive" for this feature since Google didn't use it when people expected them to, during the 'upload anything' feature announcement.

The Best of NetBeans 6.9
You need to try NetBeans 6.9, and here's why...
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