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Daily Dose - Twitter Tinkers With Redis

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Twitter began using NoSQL last year as it rolled its systems onto the widely popular Cassandra system (used by large web properties such as Digg and Facebook).  Apparently they're not satisfied with just one non-relational datastore, because they are currently working on a storage engine for timelines backed by a different NoSQL, Redis.  The experiment is called Haplocheirus (named after a dinosaur - one of the earliest links between birds and reptiles).  Some of the goals of the project are high availability, structured vectors, and elimination of client-side hashing.

Inspired by the BlazeDS framework, RedFX is a framework that facilitates easy connection between JavaFX clients and Java EE backends.  The framework facilitates remote object synchronization, messaging, and WebServiceClient.  The project creator is in the process of open-sourcing RedFX and integrating it under the JFXtras umbrella.

CSS3 calc() in Firefox 4
A recent blog post by Paul Rouget of Mozilla explains an example of the new CSS3 calc() vaule, which will be supported in Firefox 4.  This value lets you compute a length of value using an arithmetic expression.  This can define the size of divs, margins, borders, and more.

JavaFX Eclipse Plugin Releases New Version
A new version of Exadel's open source JavaFX plugin for Eclipse is out.  Version 1.3.2 adds alpha sorting to the outline view and improves on the process of changing the build path.  Four other bugs have been fixed including some annoying messages.

Install Android OS on your PC with VirtualBox
A full-blown guide on how to use Google's mobile platform without owning an Android phone.  This link is brought to you by Fabrizio Chami.
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