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Daily Dose - What is Chromoting?

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An official Google message posted by a non-Google party revealed a thin client functionality called Chromoting (unofficially).  Chromoting will be built into Chrome OS to enable the access of "legacy" PC applications from within the broswer.  The message said that Chromoting is "something like" Microsoft's Remote Desktop Connection, but not much detail was given.

Door Closes on SCO's Grab For Unix Patents
After losing its trial and appeal, the book is finally closed on the SCO v. Novell case.  This weekend, a US judge ruled that the previous trial was conducted properly and that SCO had run out of appeals.  Although we now know that Novell's Linux-related patents are safe from SCO, there's no telling what could happen when Novell is acquired (companies have started bidding).

Aspect-Oriented Ruby
Version 0.8.1 of Aspect4r is out now with new features including define advices on class methods, test advices, and group advices.  More will be explained about group advices (list of advices applied to one method that is split into groups based on advices' group) in a later post.  The project developer says that this tool for aspect-oriented programming in Ruby is now considered a complete solution for extracting common code from one class or module.

Yahoo Pipes Gets 2nd Gen Engine
Yahoo says that they're at a beta stage right now in migrating their Pipes engine to a second generation engine with better performance and stability.  Pipes is an interactive feed aggregator and manipulator.  In a number of months, Yahoo will retire the old engine.

The Sun has Risen, and it's Name is Google
Can Google replace Sun in our hearts?  Les Stroud posted this link.
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