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Daily Dose - Hibernate 3.5.2 Final Released

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JBoss has released the final version of Hibernate 3.5.2.  The maintenance release fixes problems with querying and incorrect results.  The artifacts have all been published in the new Maven repository, based on Nexus Pro.  Go get it at

Mozilla Secures Other Browsers
Mozilla updated it's Plugin Check service this week to support other browsers.  That's right, Mozilla is helping competing browsers keep their plugins secure and up-to-date.  This is the kind of universal help that you don't see too often in "The Browser Wars", but it's not completely unexpected coming from non-profit Mozilla.  The new version of Plugin Check supports Safari 4, Chrome 4, Opera 10.5, Firefox, and has partial coverage of IE 7 and 8.  Mozilla is working towards full coverage.  

Google Gives Up on N1 Web Store
Poor Nexus One sales and a lack of hands-on experience are the reasons Google cited this week for closing it's Mobile Web Store experiment.  Several carriers had dropped the Nexus One before Google decided to pulled the plug on the web store.  Google plans to make the Nexus One more available for retailers and it will sell it online with a bunch of other Android phones.

Students Raise Over $140k For Facebook Diaspora
With the help of fundraising platform, Kickstarter, four New York University students have raised over $140k for a Facebook alternative, appropriately named "Diaspora".  The team believes that Facebook has failed users with it's relaxed stance on privacy.  They also believe that sharing information online and privacy are not mutually exclusive.  Their concept for social networking is built on "seeds".  In Diaspora, every user would be able to install their own seed - a personal web server with photos, video, and other data.  The seed would be fully owned and controlled by the user, putting individuals in control of their data.

Reasons for incompetent software developers in India
Decide for yourself if you agree with this assessment.  At least 36 people did.  java4all shared this link.
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Steve Banks replied on Mon, 2010/05/17 - 7:12am

3.5.2 doesn't seem to be in the JBoss repository yet...

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