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Daily Dose - Malware Infects Numerous WordPress Pages

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A large number of WordPress sites have been compromised by cyberattacks on various web hosts.  The scripts that have infected the hacked WordPress pages with malware also prevent Firefox and Chrome tools from issuing warnings when users try to access the pages.  Right now, security experts only know that the problem didn't originate in WordPress, otherwise more pages would have been infected.  Its recommended that users upgrade to the most recent version to have as many security patches as possible.

Emacs for Mac: Aquamacs 2.0 Released
The 2.0 version of Aquamacs, a Mac-friendly variant of Emacs, has just been released.  Based on GNU Emacs 23.2, Aquamacs is now fully based on Cocoa, with a few more features than its competitor: Cocoa Emacs (but a little harder to setup).  The text display is now fully based on Unicode, there are more consistent and configurable key bindings, and there are several updates for Python, Ruby, ESS, and LaTeX/AucTeX support (and other editing modes as well).  Aquamacs is FOSS and you can download it at

Python 2.7 Approaches Final Release
The second beta of Python 2.7 has just been released.  Right now developers are using Clang 2.7's static analysis to review the code.  For this rerelease they've turned off unintended optimization enabling from the first beta's build process.  There are also enhancements to OpenSSL 1.0 compatibility and easier installation on a Mac.  Python 2.7 is scheduled to reach its final version in June.

Wine 1.2 Party Begins
Also arriving in June is Wine 1.2.  Wine is a Windows API implementation with nearly-complete 64-bit support in the upcoming 1.2 release.  Wine (now stands for 'Wine Is Not an Emulator') is a free and open source project for running Windows applications on Unix and Linux by providing native versions of Windows DLLs.  The next version will be the start of a code freeze stage, focused on addressing bugs.

Introduction to servlet 3.0 new features
This article lists some of the major changes since the previous servlet specification. 
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