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Daily Dose - We Live in a World Where There Are iPads

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Apple's "next big thing" was released in stores today, but the apps have been available since yesterday.  These pre-release apps included Netflix streaming movies, the ABC player, a Marvel Comics reader, and a VNC client that wirelessly connects to any desktop in your house (Windows, Linux, and Mac).  Some people will have to wait a little longer for their iPads to arrive if they procrastinated on their pre-order.  You could go and wait in the long lines outside the Apple store.  

Microsoft Deletes "Series" from Windows Phone

About a month after Microsoft announced the name of its mobile phone reboot, its dropping a part of the title that no one was including anyway (except for me).  Yesterday, Microsoft shortened their mobile platform's name to just "Windows Phone 7" and dropped the "Series".  Now the only difference between this platform and the name of the last platform is the switch from the word "mobile" to "phone", which is strange because mobile phones are becoming less like phones and more like computers.  I guess the way you rebrand things is not as important as just doing it.  

Adobe Reminds Us that Flash Apps for the iPad Are Already Here
A little over a week from now, Adobe will have its own release party for the version 5 Creative Suite (CS5).  With that suite will come the power to package AIR apps built with Flash so that they can run on the iPhone and iPad.  In fact, Adobe already has more than 100 AIR apps, coming out of a limited pre-release program, are available in the Apple App store.  Of course, Adobe won't truly be happy until it can run the Flash player and regularly packaged Flash apps on Apple's mobile masterpieces.

Ubuntu Announces the Next Weird Name for its Linux Distro
As Linux lovers enjoy their "Karmic Koala" while the release of "Lucid Lynx" nears, Ubuntu fans now have the name of the version that's even further down the road.  An Ubuntu developer recently announced the name of Ubuntu's next version after LTS 10.04 (Lucid Lynx).  "Maverick Meerkat" will be the name for Ubuntu 10.10.  "Meerkat", due out in October, will focus on dramatic improvements for Netbooks and cloud deployment/mangament.

Java 7 : The new java.util.Objects class
java.util.Objects, coming in Java 7,  will contain nine static methods to work on Objects.
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