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Daily Dose - Hadoop is Safe From Google's MapReduce Patent

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Google has just granted a patent license to the Apache Hadoop distributed computing framework, which uses a MapReduce process similar to Google's recently patented version of MapReduce ("System and method for efficient large-scale data processing").  Larry Rosen, the ASF's legal counsel, contacted Google soon after the patent was granted to make sure that Hadoop users were not infringing on Google's patent.  Rosen was pleased to hear back from Google this week and receive the patent license.  Implementations of Hadoop and other Apache MapReduce projects such as HBase, are officially safe.  

EU Proposes Cybercrime Branch
A new international cybercrime body has been proposed by the EU to combat cyber attacks.  The proposal includes a provision to allow the body to revoke the domain names and IP addresses of sites associated with internet crime.  A body with this kind of power is already in place in the UK.  The group would also encourage information sharing between member state police forces, conduct regional cybercrime reports, and promote best practices.  The Council of Ministers will continue to work on more detailed proposals.

Microsoft Backs Competitors - Joomla and Drupal

A Joomla blog reveals that Microsoft has signed a Joomla Contributor Agreement.  Some of Microsoft's code can already be found in Joomla 1.6.  This news comes just a few days after DrupalCon 2010, where Microsoft announced its support for Drupal, a competing PHP CMS platform.

AdMob Statistics Show Android Traffic Surpassing iPhone in US
The March report for AdMob's mobile add impressions (a proxy for overall traffic) finds that Android  traffic (46%) has beaten iPhone traffic (39%) in the US.  This is just one source, but it does pique developers' curiosity.  Will Gartner's prediction be correct?  Will the Android platform surpass the iPhone in 2012?

Reflection slow? Well, it depends...
Looking for a way to improve reflection code performance?  Well look no further.  Jan-Kees van Andel has the link for you.
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Peter Veentjer replied on Wed, 2010/04/28 - 1:26am

Perhaps it is my lack of experience with Map Reduce, but to me it is just a Fork Join with a fancy name.


Peter Veentjer

Multiverse: Software Transactional Memory for Java

Ryan Developer replied on Wed, 2010/04/28 - 7:23am

I think you mis-read the Android article.  The percentages I read were a breakdown of Android devices. The 39% for iPhone came from this sentence:

 "Of course, only three devices – the iPhone 3GS (39 percent), second generation iPod touch (25 percent) and iPhone 3G (20 percent) – generated 84 percent of total iPhone OS traffic."


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