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Daily Dose - App Engine 1.3.3 Released

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A new Google App Engine SDK for Java and Python was released this week.  The 1.3.3 version includes changes and issue fixes for the data store, admin console, and deployment.  The Python SDK has gained a shiny new experimental feature that lets you use SQLite as the datastore stub backend.  This ought to help datastore performance for big data sets.

Chrome and IE Harden their XSS Armor
The latest version (4.1.249) of Chrome for Windows addresses four serious security holes involving a memory corruption issue inV8, type confusion errors in forums, HTTP request errors that open the way for cross-site request forgeries, and cross-site scripting vulnerabilities found right on the Chrome downloads page.  Meanwhile, Microsoft is planning an update to its XSS filter that tries to fix a vulnerability created by the filter itself.  Chrome 4 also contains an XSS blocker called XSS Auditor, but it's still in experimental stages.

Silverlight Toolkit: Out With the Old and in With the New
With the advent of Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4, the open source Silverlight Toolkit has dropped support for Silvelight 3 and VS 2008.  If developers need to use Silverlight 3, they can still backport sections of the new toolkit.  The update of Silverlight Toolkit features ContextMenu, ContextMenuService, SystemColors theme, dynamic theme switching at runtime, drag and drop between panels, and Charting Stacked Series for Bar, Column, Line, and Area series.  The Reactive Extensions Framework was also dropped from the Toolkit.

Android 2.2 Rumors
Google is currently testing the next version of its Android OS, Froyo.  Version 2.2, according to a report by TG daily, will likely feature performance enhancements that include a JIT compiler, Flash 10.1 support, OpenGL ES 2.0 enhancements, resolution of cross multitouch, color trackball, more RAM, and FM radio.  The release could arrive May 19; on the first day of Google I/O.

NetBeans IDE 6.9 Stabilization Update
NetBeans 6.9 is currently in the middle of its stabilization phase.  The codebase is approaching the high resistance milestone.
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