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Daily Dose - JavaFX Eclipse Plugin Goes Open Source

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JavaFX Eclipse Plugin Goes Open Source   
Exadel, the organization that makes a JavaFX plugin for Eclipse, recently launched and released a new version of the plugin.  Version 1.2.2 includes a new JavaFX Script Wizard and an outline view with navigation.  Exadel has been promising to make the plugin open source and they have now announced that the source code is available under the GPL license.

Chrome Gets HTML5 Geolocation API
The development build of Google Chrome got an update that includes a rough version of the HTML5 API for native geolocation.  This update is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.  The API is not on by default so users must add --enable-geolocation to the end of their target line under the shortcut tab.  You can see if it's working here.  Firefox introduced the same API in its 3.5 version.

Leaked Pics of Microsoft's Courier   
Engadget got the inside scoop with some leaked photos of Microsoft's upcoming Courier product.  The dual-screen tablet will function as a digital journal according to Engadget's source.  The device is under an inch thick and less that 5 by 7 inches when closed.  It's built on Tegra 2 and runs on the Windows Mobile 7 Series OS.  The Courier will be pen-based with e-reading capabilities and a built-in camera.  A release is expected sometime in the second half of 2010.

New Firefox Preview Doesn't Crash When Flash Crashes

A new developer preview of Firefox is the first step towards Mozilla's new plugin model (based on Jetpack) where technologies like Flash and Silverlight run as separate processes, preventing a full browser crash when that plugin crashes.  The new plugins are called "out-of-process plugins" or OOPPs.  Apple Insider says that the Safari team is also working on a kind of Flash crash protection.  Google Chrome already runs its plugins (called extensions) as separate processes.  Mozilla is using the Chromium project's open source code for their OOPP.  The OOPPs are not yet available on Mac.  

More patent madness: the Linked List has been patented
Ming-Jen Wang of LSI Logic Corporation patented the linked list in 2006 if you didn't know.
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