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Daily Dose - Apple Fires First Shots at Android

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Apple Fires First Shots at Android   
Apple continues to find new avenues of litigation this week by suing phone maker HTC.  Although there's no mention of it in the press release, a look at the complaint filed yesterday reveals that this lawsuit is strategically directed at Android.  The complaint specifically mentions HTC Android phones as the main offending products.  Of course, this only adds more speculation to the factors surrounding Google CEO Eric Schmidt's departure from Apple's board last year.  Is Apple trying to slow down the growth of its most promising competitor?

Opera 10.5 Out of Beta for Windows

The new Opera 10.5 is out in GA for Windows with plenty of new features, most notably, the redesigned JavaScript engine, Carakan.  Opera 10.5 has beaten Google's V8 engine in benchmarks from several sources.  10.5 features a new graphics system called Vega and there's even a Turbo mode, which uses Opera's servers to deliver compressed versions of web pages for people with slow internet connections.  It's safe to say that the new Opera has a bunch of speed enhancing features.

Another Python Release Candidate
The first release candidate for Python 2.6.5 has arrived, addressing 19 issues in the Python core and over 50 library issues.  Changes to the Python core include corrections to the handling of empty byte arrays and a patch for an interpreter crash bug when deleting lists with large step values. The update also contains improved documentation, build processes, tests, and extensions.  Python is currently in "bugfix only" mode, meaning no new features are being added.

Will You Use Explorer for Charity?
Microsoft has promised to give 5p (7 cents) to Sport Relief, a UK charity event, for every 10 Bing searches performed with IE 6,7, or 8 on a Windows operating system.  It's a very sneaky way to get people to use Microsoft's search, browser, and OS.  After one day, Bing has raised 53.95 pounds ($80.76) for the charity, which helps underprivileged children.  The fundraising effort will end on March 19th after the event is over.

Griffon 0.3 released
Check out the new features in Griffon, the Grails-inspired RIA framework.
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Thai Dang Vu replied on Wed, 2010/03/03 - 10:04am

About using IE for charity:

 I went to that website with firefox and saw this:

 Every 10 qualifying searches on Bing generate 5p for Sport Relief!

My 1st question is: what is a qualifying search? Does anybody know?

Thank you.

Andrew McVeigh replied on Wed, 2010/03/03 - 3:26pm in response to: Thai Dang Vu

from within the bing site.  sounds pretty lame to me, so many criteria to meet.  no wonder it generates a small amount of money, i could probably fund this personally.


QUALIFYING SEARCHES: For a search to qualify, it must be a new search performed by an individual during the Qualifying Period on the Bing search engine using a computer on which the Giving Counter has been downloaded. You will not be notified if a search has not qualified. Examples of where a search will not qualify include the following:

  1. When the search term used is the same as one used in a previous search on the same computer. For example, if you perform two searches for "Sport Relief", only the first search will qualify.
  2. Searching for the same term in different search categories, such as "web", "images", "video" and "news" (located in Bing, above or near the search box), will only be counted as one search.
  3. When the search is performed by an automated process, including but not limited to robots.
  4. Where Microsoft, using industry standard technology, has detected fraudulent, abusive use of Give with Bing. If based on evidence, Microsoft reasonably suspects abuse or fraudulent usage of Give with Bing, then the suspected fraudulent searches will not be counted.
  5. When refining searches in Maps searches. The first search will count, but any further searches using the small search icon on the left hand side of Bing Maps results.
  6. When refining Visual searches by clicking on image categories (for example, British Prime Ministers).
  7. Any new search categories added to Bing after the launch of the beginning of the Qualifying Period.
  8. When searches are done on search engines other than Bing (this is because the Giving Counter does not work on other search engines).
  9. The search is performed using any Internet browser other than: Internet Explorer 6, Internet Explorer 7 or Internet Explorer 8.


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