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Daily Dose - AWS Releases Java SDK for EC2, S3, and More

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Amazon announced an update for its Eclipse toolkit at EclipseCon along with a new Java SDK.  The development kit is a single JAR that helps developers manage integrations to Amazon's many services.  Amazon's code handles all the low-level authentication, retrying, and error handling.  The library includes support for EC2, S3 (Simple Storage Service), Auto Scaling, Cloud Watch, Elastic Load Balancing, Virtual Private Cloud, SimpleDB, Simple Queue Service, Relational Database Service, and Elastic MapReduce.

Microsoft Unleashes OData SDK and Dallas CTP 2

At MIX 10 Microsoft promised to release an SDK for their new OData protocol, and now they have delivered.  The just-released SDK helps developers build clients in .NET, Java, PHP, Objective-C, and JavaScript that consume OData-based information.  OData is an AtomPub-based protocol that facilitates data transfers through REST-like requests over the web.  Microsoft may submit OData into a W3C Incubator in order to gain wider adoption.  Microsoft also released the Codename "Dallas" CTP 2, (aka Microsoft Pinpoint) which is a marketplace for selling data with the OData protocol.

SproutCore Pokes Through the Surface
The 1.0 version of the SproutCore JavaScript application framework is officially available.  SproutCore is server agnostic and eliminates UI latency by making JS apps more self contained in the browser.  This latest version is hailed as a "performance beast" that has finally reached maturity.  The framework is used by Apple's MobileMe and services.  It is also used by Mozilla's Bespin IDE.  SproutCore is distributed under the MIT license.

TWS Cruise Connects with Perforce
ThoughtWorks Studio has completed an integration between their Cruise release management product and Perforce's SCM (software configuration management) system.  TWS touts Caplin Systems as one company that showcases this integration.  Perforce also integrates with TWS's Mingle product for agile project management.

For the Love of Vaadin: Java RIAs Done Right
It seems that Vaadin is gaining momentum in the Java web framework space.
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