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Daily Dose - Opera Submits its Mini Browser to Apple, Now We Wait

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Opera has finally announced its submission of the latest Opera Mini browser to the App store for use on the iPhone.  The mini browser is not a full featured browser but it does have a speed advantage, especially in low bandwidth situations.  It runs compressed versions of web pages that are beamed out of Opera's server farm, making web rendering a lightweight task.  Opera says that Opera Mini is the most-used browser on mobile devices, but no browser besides Apple's Safari has made it onto the iPhone yet.  Apple reserves the right to block any application from users, even if it meets all the guidelines. 

Google's Sneaky Move to Hong Kong Catches Chinese Off Guard
It's official, Google has stopped censoring search results in China by redirecting mainland users to the unfiltered Hong Kong version.  “The Chinese government has been crystal clear throughout our discussions that self-censorship is a non-negotiable legal requirement,” Google said in a blog post. “We believe this new approach of providing uncensored search in simplified Chinese from is a sensible solution to the challenges we’ve faced -- it’s entirely legal and will meaningfully increase access to information for people in China.”  Now the ball is in China's court as it must censor the content itself instead of having Google employees do it.  In a press release, the Chinese government accused Google of "politicalizing" itself.  The founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales, praised Google's actions today.  His site has faced periods of total censorship in China.

Russia Approves Oracle-Sun Deal Two Months After the Merger's Completion
The Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia recently made the useless announcement that they have approved the Oracle-Sun deal.  The Russians had some conditions that were similar to the EU's requirements for MySQL.  The FAS said that it would have grounds to invalidate the deal in court if Oracle does not continue to update MySQL with open source licenses for four years.  I guess this story just shows us that Larry Ellison and Oracle aren't worried about what the Russians think.

Bill Gates Going Nuclear?
TerraPower, an energy startup funded by Bill Gates, is talking with Toshiba Corp. to develop small-scale nuclear reactor to make safe, cheap nuclear power.  Gates is interested in nuclear power for developing countries that use fuel sources that are high in pollutants and CO2.  It will still take several years to begin sharing technology and get it reviewed by regulators.

Apple iPad? How about a little German innovation instead
For the second day, the link to the German "iPad-killing" Android device is the top link.
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Mike P(Okidoky) replied on Thu, 2010/03/25 - 2:21am

Re Opera. Aren't browser's becoming a dime a dozen, now, with the Webkit source out? Konquerer, KHTML, Safari, Chrome, Palm OS Browser, and all the rest of them all becoming Webkit based...

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