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Daily Dose - EU Ballot Causing a Drop in IE Usage

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Since the browser ballot, which was mandated by European regulators, was implemented for Windows users, the market share for Internet Explorer has been falling.  IE usage has dropped 2.5% in France, 1.3% in Italy, and 1% in the UK.  In contrast, Opera, the company that first lodged a complaint against Microsoft's "browser monopoly," is reaping the rewards of its efforts.  In less than a month, Opera 10.5 downloads have more than doubled on average.

PayPal App Contest Winners Announced
A few months ago PayPal launched a competition to see who could develop the most innovative application using PayPal's recently open sourced platform.  The winner was recently announced at DEMO Spring 2010, claiming the top prize of $50,000 in cash.  The application, Rentalic, is a person to person rental marketplace for renting anything you own with PayPal payments.  PayPal also announced the PayPal X Startup Accelerator program, which connects developers with PayPal and other business partners interested in their ideas.

Parrot 2.2 Arrives for Perl 6
The Parrot 2.2 virtual machine for the Rakudo Perl 6 implementation has just arrived.  Parrot is 2.2 is the first version to work with Perl 6 and it comes with support for PHP, Python, and Ruby as well.  Perl 6 keeps the compiler and runtime separate, and Parrot is the runtime virtual machine for Perl 6 compiled code.  The update has fixes to the non-randomness in RNG (random number generation) and restores Sun cc and Intel icc support.

Hot Apps Contest: $1 Million at Stake
Palm is holding a contest for Mobile web developers with $1 million at stake among paid app creators and free app creators.  The developers who have the most downloaded webOS applications between February 1st and May 31st in the paid and free categories will each get $100k.  The 20 next most popular in each category will get $10k each, and the 200 next most popular in each category will get $1k each.

Apple iPad? How about a little German innovation instead

A German rival to the iPad uses Android and has a bigger screen, faster CPU, runs Flash, has USB ports, a webcam, and multitasking.
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