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Daily Dose - Goojje: Google's Chinese Sister

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Goojje: Google's Chinese Sister   
A suspiciously Google-like search engine named "Goojje" launched in China recently.  The last part of the name "jje" sounds similar to the mandarin word for older sister, "Jie Jie".  The search engine's author is thought to be a female student from Guangdong.  The message on Goojje reads in English: "Sister was very happy when brother gave up the thought of leaving and stayed for sister."  What does this mean?  Your guess is as good as mine.  Maybe someone in China wants their own Google.

Chrome Continues to Gain Browser Share
After taking Safari's number 3 spot in the browser market in December, Chrome ended January with another big jump in adoption.  Closing the month at 5.2% browser share, Chrome has increased installations by 0.6% in January.  It was the second largest jump since the browser debuted in September 2008.  The largest jump since then was in December 2009.

MacRuby 0.5 Features New VM
The final release of MacRuby 0.5 has arrived.  The new version features a faster VM based on LLVM, Grand Central Disbatch (GCD), and threading without a Global Interpreter Lock (GIL).  The Ahead of Time (AOT) compiler is more stable and supports compilation of multiple Ruby files into shared/dynamic libraries.  The MacRuby developers have already started working on version 0.6, which will feature debugger support.

SAPs 12Sprints is Like Google Wave for Enterprises
Today, SAP's enterprise collaboration tool, 12Sprints, is entering public beta.  The application is centered around a variety of comparison tools such as pro vs con charts and SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) matrices.  Data can be pulled from rival technologies like Google Wave, SharePoint, or SAP's own software.  12Sprints is expected to be renamed once the GA release rolls around.  

Steve Jobs says:
Steve Jobs' comments on Adobe and Google at the One Infinite Loop Town Hall Meeting are still making waves in the tech community.  It's been the top link on DZone for almost two days. 
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Alicia Collins replied on Tue, 2010/02/02 - 9:55pm

Goojje is definately want to take over google. China seems to be able to replicate anything. It seems to be easy for them... Scarely.

 Alicia @ Lamaze Musical Inchworm

jinpeng dong replied on Wed, 2010/02/03 - 12:23am

Interesting. I think Goojje just some guy setup a meta seach site for fun. Don't you see the logo is a combination of Google and Baidu?

"Ge" and "Jie" mean older brother and older sister respectively. Recently, these two words are popular in Chinese forums. Young men call themselves "Ge", while young women call themselves "Jie", when they post to forum. 

Google's Chinese name is "Gu Ge", that's why somebody created a site called "Gu Jie".

Nobody from China will believe Goojie is trying to replicate Google.

So funny...

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