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DZone Daily Dose - 2009/12/21

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Iran Declares War on Twitter?
It's not atypical to see that pic of the poor little birds trying to carry that big fat whale on Twitter to let you know that the site is experiencing some downtime.  However, tweeters got a big surprise recently when an Iranian Cyber Army page had taken over the site.  There's been no confirmation on whether or not a group associated with the Iranian government actually did this, but what we do know is that the attackers manipulated DNS entries to redirect users to their own server.  Twitter's servers themselves were not attacked.  The DNS manipulation could have resulted from a phishing attack.  People using the Twitter API weren't affected by the attack.

Visual Studio 2010 Performance Not Up to Snuff

Microsoft announced that it would extend the beta testing period for Visual Studio 2010 and thereby push back the March 22 release date by a few weeks.  The reason for the delay is some negative performance feedback.  The performance issues centered around virtual memory usage.  Microsoft says they need to do more work and get it right given the importance of Visual Studio in the company's product lines.

Another Twitter for Businesses
TIBCO software announced that it will release a corporate information tracker similar to Twitter.  The software, called "tibbr", will let users find information streams that are relevant to their jobs and 'follow' them.  The feeds could include Finance, Accounts Payable, or any other information that might be relevant to the user's job.  tibbr is based on TIBCO's cloud platform, Silver, and the company plans to give it an open, pluggable architecture for third-party integrations.

HP's Cloud Gaining Strength
HP announced three new cloud  offerings at their recent software conference.  The first offering will allow customers to use HP Operations Orchestration with Amazon EC2's infrastructure.  Communications-as-a-Service is also being offered.  The CaaS will provide mediation between customers, SaaS providers, and telecoms.  Finally, HP is will offer HP Cloud Assure for Cost Control, which is a SaaS that helps users determine how enterprise applications will behave in the cloud.

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