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Daily Dose - Tweet-quake!

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Could Twitter help seismologists get a better system for earthquake detection?  The U.S. Geological Service thinks so.  “People like to tweet after earthquakes,” says seismologist Paul Earle.  That's why they've created the Twitter Earthquake Detection (TED) project.  Before you scoff, you should know that in some areas, especially outside the U.S., the seismographic network is very sparse.  Many times it doesn't catch tiny 1.0 - 2.0 magnitude earthquakes.  That's where Twitter comes in.  TED pulls in tweets with words like "earthquake" and "tremor".  Using Twitter's location feature, it then puts regions on a map that are labelled according to number of tweets from that area.  Scientists say that this could help detect many smaller quakes that the seismic network misses and give geologists a better picture of the world's earthquake activity.  

Palm Opens Up WebOS

Developers have yet another mobile development platform today as Palm opens the Palm Developer Center for open source development on top of WebOS.  The Palm App Catalog (the app store for WebOS) reached the 1,000 mark in applications.  Unfortunately they're way behind the Android and iPhone app stores.  To tempt more developers into developing on their platform, Palm has announced a $1 million Hot Apps bonus program.  The prize money goes to the developer who makes the most popular app between February 1st and May 31st.  Looks like you have till the end of the month, better get crackin!  

Phurnace - Yet Another Acquisition for BMC

BMC recently announced that it had bought Phurnace, a company that makes tools to manage the Java application release cycles.  The technology will be integrated into BMC's BladeLogic deployments (also from an acquisition).  The Phurnace software will allow Java EE applications to be deployed on all of the major app servers (WebSphere, WebLogic, JBoss) with automatic migration to new versions of the server.  The Phurnace tools also provide change preview and validation before deployment.

KDE SC 4.4 Arrival
KDE SC's first milestone release for version 4.4 of its Linux desktop development platform has just arrived.  The Nepomuk Semantic Search framework and Plasma Desktop in KDE SC have gotten UI updates.  KDE SC 4.4 also got new applications including Blogilo, a rich-client blogging tool, and two scientific apps for advanced math and graph theory.  This is the first version of KDE SC that is based on Qt 4.6.

Maven Mythbusters - Maven automatically updates for every build
We've all heard the criticisms and praises of Maven.  Now John Ferguson Smart is busting myths about Maven and his first myth busted is the top link on DZone in 24 hours.
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