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Daily Dose - Is the iPad Everything We Thought it Would Be?

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Is the iPad Everything We Thought it Would Be?
The giant iPhone has officially arrived!  The 9.5 by 7.5 by 0.5 inch and 1.5 pound iPad was demoed yesterday with some pleasant surprises and a few disappointments.  In the iPad Apple debuts its new A4 chip, which handles processing, graphics, and I/O, and it runs at 1GHz.  The iPad comes in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB models.  It's starting price is surprisingly low - $499 for the 16GB, wi-fi only version.  The highest priced model comes with 64GB and a 3G connection for $829.  Unfortunately, that 3G coverage is still only available through AT&T.  There is also no camera.  The iPad isn't for sale yet, but developers can download the iPhone SDK 3.2 beta to start building apps for it.  Now that all speculation has dissolved, some are left wondering why it didn't try to revolutionize newspapers, magazines, and textbooks.  Oh well, you can't count on Apple to solve the publishers' problems for them.

Lucid Lynx Defaults to Yahoo!

A post on the Ubuntu mailing list reveals that Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (aka Lucid Lynx) will have Yahoo as the default search engine upon Firefox startup, not Google.  Rick Spencer, the Engineering Manager for Ubuntu Desktop, said that Canonical had reached a revenue sharing deal with Yahoo.  Yahoo will also be the default search provider in the top-right toolbar, but users will be able to modify this setting.

Cloudkick Defends Cloud Freedom
One of the companies that reported Amazon EC2's latency issues earlier this month just made some news of its own.  Cloudkick, a startup that offers free server management tools, recently announced a 'freemium' model for its server management system.  The company also announced the inclusion of the Apache libcloud Python-based client library in their management tools, adding support for seven different cloud providers - Rackspace Cloud, Amazon EC2, Linode, GoGrid, Slicehost, RimuHosting, and VPS.NET.  Following in the footsteps of Google's Data Liberation Front, Cloudkick's goal is to maintain open data and common tools across various cloud resources.

Google Voice Finds its Way Onto the iPhone
Apple has been "studying" the Google Voice app for seven months now after blocking it's entry into the App Store and causing a rift between the two companies.  Google wasn't holding it's breath apparently.  They recently created an HTML5 Google Voice web app that is accessible through iPhone's Safari and Palm's webOS browser.  The app does most of the things that regular Google Voice does and it is also able to integrate with your Google Contacts or on-phone address book.

Pure CSS Coke Can
With some CSS1 and a little CSS2, Roman Cortez has created a Coke composed entirely with CSS.  Go see how he did it on his blog.
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Fab Mars replied on Thu, 2010/01/28 - 5:08am

Take no offense, but I don't understand why my Javalobby RSS feed is filled with mainstream IT news everyday.

I went to other zones and saw the Daily dose appears everywhere. There's no way to avoid it.

I'm not criticizing Mitchell's work here. It's really great...

...But I came here in the first place to get specialized java news. If I want mainstream infos, I'm grown enough to have a look at other sites.

Storm Blast replied on Sat, 2010/01/30 - 6:50am in response to: Fab Mars

I could not agree more. These post are polluting all my DZone RSS feeds. As these post appear everywhere, I wonder why DZone still has "zones".

Daniel Serodio replied on Thu, 2010/01/28 - 10:48am

Why is this listed on the Groovy zone? I was just about to subscribe to the RSS feed but gave up.

Muhammad Nawaz replied on Sun, 2014/11/16 - 12:43pm

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