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DZone Daily Dose - 12/31

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Software Patents Get Strict   
The Board of Patent Appeals released new precedents recently for patents on mathematical formulae used in software.  The precedent will only allow patents for algorithms that are applied to a tangible, practical application that is getting real-world use.  Patents also can't be claimed for "every conceivable application" that could result from an algorithm.  Last September, the US Patent Office also introduced new guidelines saying that no industrial property protection should be granted for computer programs.

Nokia Says, "All of Apple's Gadgets Were My Idea!"  
Nokia added another piece of crazy to the lawsuit extravaganza between them and Apple.  Apparently, Nokia thinks that gadgets like the Mac Book, iPod, and iPhone are all infringing on their patents.  This is no exaggeration.  Here's a quote from Nokia's press release: "Apple infringes Nokia patents in virtually all of its mobile phones, portable music players, and computers."  Of course, Apple thinks it could very well say the same thing about Nokia.  They filed a countersuit against Nokia last month.  So the lawsuit extravaganza continues.

MathEclipse Releases New Version of Java Algebra System
Version 0.0.8 of MathEclipse, which is the basis for the Symja project, was just released.  MathEclipse is integrated with the JSR 223 math scripting engine and it features arbitrary precision integers, rationals, and complex numbers.  The new version adds more symbolic polynomial algorithms from JAS and more numerical algorithms from the commons-math project.  MathEclipse also features polynomials, differentiation, pattern matching, and linear algebra.

Poland Tightens Internet Controls
The Polish government is currently introducing a new law for stricter internet controls.  The law was passed to prevent gambling and illegal financial transactions, but the law is now being revised.  In one revision, Polish authorities would be able to block websites without judicial review.  Internet service providers would also have to retain customer registration information.  

Top Link
Looking for "A brilliant java decompiler"?  Well look no further!  Aion Aizenberg makes his case for downloading the JD java decompiler in DZone's top link in 24 hours.

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Martin Spasovski replied on Sat, 2010/01/02 - 5:33pm

Nokia Says, "All of Apple's Gadgets Were My Idea!" - I'd really like to see the reference to that quote. Apple thinks that if they are famous and trendy they can do whatever they want.

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