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Daily Dose - Red Hat Acquires Makara

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With their Apache-licensed DeltaCloud project and now with today's acquisition of a Cloud tech startup called Makara, RedHat is building a broad foundation for its position in the PaaS sphere.  I wrote about the emergence of Makara early this year and I was intrigued by their unique approach and technological creativity.  It seems that Red Hat was also interested, and now they will be merging their knowledge in JBoss deployments with the technology found in the Makara Cloud Application Platform.  Both companies agree that developers shouldn't be forced to learn entirely new programming frameworks in order to put their applications in the cloud.

Liferay Launches its Own Issue Tracker
This week Liferay's Enterprise Portal (version 6) added the Liferay Enterprise Support Application (LESA), it's own issue tracker.  Previous versions of Liferay Portal used Atlassian's JIRA issue tracker, but Liferay wanted to make their own adjustments and simplify the support process.  LESA can search tickets by username, issue severity, due date, and other attributes.  It can also also send an issue to multiple developers so that more people can work on a ticket.

IntelliJ 10 RC1 Plus RubyMine 3
JetBrains has made two big announcements this week.  First, they have nearly finished IntelliJ IDEA 10.  The IDE has reached release candidate stage this week.  JetBrains also released a new version of their Ruby IDE - RubyMine.  The new release, RubyMine 3.0 has added features to harness the new capabilities of the Ruby on Rails 3.0 framework.

Enyo - The Next-Gen WebOS
The Palm division of HP is building a new JavaScript application framework for WebOS 2.0 that is due out soon.  The framework, named Enyo, will enable native hardware acceleration, faster application load times (HP says they're down to one second), and the ability to natively scale an application to many different screen sizes - making Enyo the perfect framework for building apps that work across phones, tablets, and other form factors.  

Ehcache 2.4 Beta 1 Welcomes Search, Local Transactions and more...
Ehcache 2.4 Beta 1 has been released. Learn about some of the new features and improvements.  Steven Harris contributed this link.
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