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Daily Dose - Eclipse Helps Mac Users Bypass Slow JVM Release Cycle

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Eclipse Helps Mac Users Bypass Slow JVM Release Cycle  
The next release of Eclipse, codenamed "Helios" (the Greek god of the Sun, for those of you who don't know), will run with OpenJDK 7 on Mac OS X.  David Green, an Eclipse developer, explains that the new feature in Eclipse 3.6 will free developers from the historically slow release increments for the JVM on Macs.  There was a workaround for running Eclipse 3.5 with OpenJDK7 on Macs, but Eclipse project developers wanted to integrate this function into the next release.  This will hopefully prevent long waits like the one in 2008 when Apple finally released Java 6 after Sun had released it a year and a half before. 
The blog contains instructions for obtaining an integration build of Eclipse 3.6.

JBoss Founder Calls out Monty
Marc Fleury, the founder of JBoss, blasted Monty Widenius' "Save MySQL" campaign in his latest blog post.  "IT WAS SOLD! IT'S OVER! At least for the corporate part," exclaimed Fleury in reference to the previous sale of MySQL to Sun.  He also took the chance to pick on "ponytail boy" Johnathan Scwhartz for saying that MySQL would never "do a JBoss" and be sold to a commercial entity.  Fleury believes that Widenius' efforts to delay and block the acquisition only hurt Sun and its employees.  The thing that really makes him angry is the negative influence this fiasco will have on other companies that might be interested in buying open source entities.  

iPhone Making Bing the Default Search Engine?
Apple is allegedly working on a deal with Microsoft to add Bing and make it the default search engine on the iPhone, says Business Week.  The might only make a tiny dent in Google's market share and it could potentially hurt Apple.  Users would still be able to manually switch back to Google, but the move would certainly help Microsoft.  Some speculate that the alleged deal makes sense in the wake of Google and Apple's battle over the Google Voice iPhone app that got blocked from the App Store.

Rockin' New Firebug 1.5
For six months, the next version of Firebug (a web development tool for Firefox) has been marinating.  Now the 1.5 version is ready to be unleashed for the upcoming Firefox 3.6.  The Net panel has been expanded and features more accurate timing measurements.  The HTML panel now supports SVG and MathML editing.  The CSS panel has better handling for duplicate style sheets.  Finally, the Console and Command Line Panels include a persist button for retaining previous console output on-demand.  They also include graphical breakpoint support throughout Firebug including XHR breakpoints.  Firebug now supports 32 languages.

When Will Java Web Start be Production Quality?
After being available for awhile now, Java Web Services still isn't production quality.  Some critical bugs have been fixed, but you'll have to wait and see if update 18 finally reaches the production quality threshold.
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Otengi Miloskov replied on Thu, 2010/01/21 - 2:23am

Yuk!, I want to puke, Bing on IPhone damn, what a retard move from Apple.

Qussay Najjar replied on Thu, 2010/01/21 - 9:17am

Strange move from Apple, bing ??? for God sake what were you thinking..???!!!!

Beth Charette replied on Thu, 2010/01/21 - 9:34pm

It is really interesting to note the emphasis everyone is placing on speed this month.


Whether is be release cycles for new versions of applications or blog coding, speed is becoming essential.


No one has the time or inclination to wait for anything, except, of course, Blizzard.


Of course, Google is establishing Caffeine, and is doing evaluation rourtines relative to speed which will determine page ranking and place on search results.


Speed will even determine how much it will cost to advertise with Google.


So, webmasters are attempting to get their code nice and clean, and even taking pre-written code that the Engines interpret as clean, so as not to be penalized.


I'm off topic here. 


Thank you for letting me know about this new development.


It is useful.




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