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Daily Dose - Russia Now Stands Between Oracle and Sun

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Russia Now Stands Between Oracle and Sun  
With the European Commission expected to approve the Oracle-Sun deal next week, Russia has suddenly leapt into the fray.  The Russian Federal Anti-Monopoly Service, (FAS) has opened an investigation to get more information on the merger and specifically mentions MySQL. There's no telling how long another investigation could take, but Monty Widenius, who's leading the charge against Oracle, will probably take advantage of it.  His petition to "Save MySQL" has nearly 30,000 signatures - 800 are Russian.

Intel Reports Mega-Profit

The Q4 revenues for Intel show a 875% increase in profit compared to Q4 2008.  Some reasons behind Intel's unbelievable surge include the poor economic climate of 2008 and the $1 billion write-off of its stake in Clearwire.  Intel might want to save some of that money for the pending lawsuits against their pretty well-documented compiler impairment on AMD processors.

No Firefox 3.7
Director of Firefox Mike Beltzner said in an interview that Firefox 3.7 would not follow after the 3.6 release.  Mozilla will adopt a "features update" patching model for future software updates.  Beltzner said that the version release model was slowing down developers in 3.6 so they made the decision to push updates to users every 4-6 weeks with security patches.  This new system will allow one feature from the Mozilla Electrolysis project to be implemented before its previous intended release in 3.7.  The feature isolates specific plugins like Flash, so that when Flash crashes, the whole browser doesn't crash.  Future changes that require external testing will still go through the normal beta testing and be available in major version releases.  Firefox 4.0 is the next major release.

Zend Framework 1.10 Reaches Beta
The Zend developers have released Zend Framework 1.10 beta 1 about a month after the release of alpha 1.  The beta signifies a feature-complete version in which all the APIs are now final.  1.10 features a new CLI runner with home directory and config support.  There are new providers for model generation, DbAdapter setup, Layouts, and Form Generation.  Finally, default projects now come with logging support in the ErrorController.  Zend Framework 1.10 final is due out by the end of the month.

Java 6 Update 18: Now With Windows 7 Support
If you haven't already heard about the Java 6 update, you're probably not interested in Java anyway.  If you haven't heard about it, and you are interested, you should check it out.  The update supports Windows 7.
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Armin Ehrenreich replied on Sat, 2010/01/16 - 5:00pm

Monty Widenius, who's leading the charge against Oracle, will probably take advantage of it.

I think Mr Monty Widenius is a hypocrite. He has sold the rights for MySQL for an enormous amount of money and has now the brashness to chuck the community in order to make this deal undone, but to keep his money.

Matthew Schmidt replied on Sat, 2010/01/16 - 8:45pm in response to: Armin Ehrenreich

I agree with you Armin.  He's using the money he made off the deal to build a competitor, trash his former suitors, and try to collapse a deal where tens of thousands of jobs and billions of dollars are at stake.  If he really feels so strongly, perhaps he should give the money back? :)

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