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Daily Dose - SpringSource Hurts MyEclipse's Feelings

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SpringSource Hurts MyEclipse's Feelings
Genuitec and Skyway Software announced a MyEclipse IDE for the Spring framework that will be available by the end of the month.  However, Spring hurt Genuitec's feelings by dismissing MyEclipse and endorsing the free SpringSource Tool Suite, saying Springs tools are the "most cutting-edge way to build Spring apps."  The IDE will include scaffolding technology for generating large portions of Spring apps using best practices.  The MVC (Model View Controller) scaffolding generates Spring MVC CRUD applications from database tables, POJOs, and JPA entities.  The Spring-based IDE is unique because it allows the creation of connected tiers of the application.  Project bootstrapping is also included in the MyEclipse's Spring IDE.   

Google Pissed at China; China Doesn't Care
After the "highly sophisticated" attack on human-rights activists' gmail accounts, Google is planning to end its censorship and is thinking about shutting down it's China offices.  The Chinese government may not care since Google has domestic competitors in China like Google has been losing market share to these engines and may just be looking for an excuse to get out.  Some people would like to believe that they're making a stand on human-rights and freedom of speech, but Google has made no such claim.

MuleSoft Doing Well For Open Source
The web middleware company, MuleSoft, revealed its record growth in 2009. Their company footprint quadrupled with the announcement of three new products - Tcat Server, iBeans, and the Mule Data Integrator.  MuleSoft's customer base grew by 98%.  Another driving force behind their success was the release of Mule ESB 2.2 and the Eclipse-based Mule IDE.

Microsoft and HP Engage in "Deep Collaboration"
HP and Microsoft held a conference call today outlining their new partnership to simplify technology deployments for businesses.  The two companies will invest a quarter of a million dollars over three years to produce offerings that combine servers, storage, networking, and applications.  HP will provide services for Azure and Microsoft will use HP's hardware to support Azure.  The two companies will deliver a series of "smart bundles" aimed at SMBs.  HP and Microsoft will also work to integrate HP Insight with Microsoft's System Center.  System Center will be sold on HP's hardware.  HP CEO Mark Hurd expressed how serious his company's relationship with Micrsoft has become: "This is the deepest level of collaboration and integration and technical work that we've done that I'm certainly aware of… I would not be on this phone call if this was just another press release from HP and Microsoft."  After the two companies start making products together, we'll get to see if this is really a match made in heaven.

Lots of Love for Groovy++

For the second day in a row, Alex Tkachman's introduction to Statically Typed Groovy is the top link in 24 hours on DZone.  Take language for a test-drive if you like Groovy and you like Static langauges.

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Jens Eckels replied on Thu, 2010/01/14 - 10:19am

Hi Mitch!

Thanks for including MyEclipse in your Daily Dose.

To clarify, we don't have "hurt feelings" of any kind, and if anything came across as sour grapes, it's not intended as such. We have fought battles before with framework companies who don't seem to see that broad adoption and standardization on their stuff is a good thing. When they actively dismiss partners and service providers as insignificant or unimportant, I feel they need to be called out on their lack of community support.

People have "dismissed" MyEclipse for years, with many naysayers now out of business. We're still a very strong company, growing and expanding in a down economy.

So, hurt feelings about being "dismissed?" No. Pointing out poor behavior? Yes.

We are big fans of the Spring framework, as are millions of developers. Hopefully, SpringSource will begin to embrace that adoption instead of a "not invented here" mentality.

Thanks for raising the issue.





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