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Daily Dose - NetBeans 7 Starts Living Up To Its Name

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A new beta release of NetBeans 7.0 is the first to provide JDK 7 support, allowing developers to choose Java 7 (still in development) as their target platform in the platform manager.  This means NetBeans 7 users can start experimenting with things like diamond operators, java.util.Objects, and new integer literals.  The new beta also delivers support for Maven 3, Oracle DB, and GlassFish 3.1.

Google Offers $3.5 Million in Stock to Keep Engineer from Defecting to Facebook
Techcrunch has been following the flow of employees between Google and Facebook for some time now.  They've confirmed multiple cases where Google offered exorbitant amounts of bonuses and stock options to keep employees from going to Facebook.  Sometimes it hasn't worked because Facebook's stock has a lot of potential, but recently one staff engineer was persuaded to stay because of a $3.5 million restricted stock counter-offer.  There's evidence that these major offers and counter-offers could be harming morale at Google.

I Hear a 'Whirrrr" from Apache's Incubator
Apache Whirr, a set of libraries for running Cassanrda, Hadoop, and ZooKeeper, just reached version 0.2 in the Apache incubator.  A new list command and a new version command have been added to the CLI.  Also, a Hadoop MapReduce job can now be run against a Hadoop Service on Rackspace Cloud.

Three Instances Always Running on GAE 1.4
The pre-release of the Google App Engine 1.4 SDK was delivered this week.  The Java version now has an Always On feature that allows applications to pay and then keep three instances of the app running constantly, reducing latency.  The Task Queue is moving out of experimental status and the Channel API is now available for all users.  The pre-release also adds a low-level AysncDatastoreService that can make calls to the datastore asynchronously.

Emulating "self types" using Java Generics to simplify fluent API implementation
Taking FEST Assertions as an example, this article shows how "self types" can be emulated in Java using Generics.  Posted by Alex Ruiz.
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Andrew Kirichenko replied on Tue, 2010/11/23 - 4:38pm

IntelliJ IDEA 10 Preview allows to play with JDK 7 and JDK 8.

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