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Daily Dose - U.S. Dept. of Justice Receives Complaint About Oracle Tactics

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"Oracle’s position appears to be the most onerous and draconian of any major hardware manufacturer," claims Claudia Betzner, the executive director of the US Service Industry Association (SIA).   That was a quote from the SIA's recent letter to the US Department of Justice.  The SIA includes an industry group of 130 hardware maintenance providers that have been complaining about Oracle's behavior for some time, but now they've taken their actions to the next level by notifying a branch of the US government.  Betzner outlined the tactics employed by Oracle to intimidate users so that they won't switch to third-party support:

"Oracle’s strategy appears to force customers into a lose-lose arrangement. Either a customer puts its entire installed base of Sun hardware under Oracle support (no exceptions) or Oracle will cut all ties to the end-user, including refusing access to firmware updates, time and materials support and security fixes for Solaris." 

Oracle also has a "requalification fee" to essentially punish people who end their Oracle support and choose to come back.  They charge 150% of the last paid support fee for those who want to get Oracle support back.

Rough Schedule for JDK 7
The OpenJDK project has published their updated schedule for JDK 7 (the Plan B version).  According to the schedule, JDK 7 should go GA at the end of July next year.  The kit will hit the Feature Complete deadline in about a month.

Node.js Reaches 0.2.5
The new version of node.js was released this week and it offers buffering during fs.write and—a feature that it didn't have previously.  The unstable 0.3.1 branch of node.js was updated recently as well.  When that branch is released, it will have TLS improvements and a C++ API for building fast buffer from string.

RichFaces 4 M4
The latest milestone for RichFaces 4.0 was released this week and it includes new components as well as a Client Side Validation update.  In the next milestone, Ajax requests will no longer be used for validation.  The RichFaces team will now focus on advanced Comet implementation and JMS integration.

The ~200 Line Linux Kernel Patch That Does Wonders
There is a new patch that has not yet been merged but has undergone a few revisions over the past several weeks and it is quite small -- just over 200 lines of code -- but it does wonders for the Linux desktop.  Link courtesy of Thierry Lefort.
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