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Daily Dose - W3C Official: Don't Use HTML5 Yet

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Philippe Le Hegaret, a World Wide Web Consortium domain leader says it's too early for browsers to be settling on unconfirmed HTML5-related specification drafts and it's too early for websites to be using the drafts to build their websites.  Of course, this position hasn't been widely heard over the roar of Google, Apple, Microsoft, and the developers who want a modern, open, and vendor-free web platform.  Le Hegaret says the W3C hopes to have a feature-complete spec by mid-2011, but HTML5 won't be final for many years.  Web developers suggest that you simply build fallbacks and just deal with any API changes.

LG Tablet Waits For the Gingerbread to Bake
After planning to release an Android-based tablet this year, LG has delayed the release of their tablet because in their discussions with Google they decided that version 2.2 "Froyo" is not the best version for tablets.  This news further supports the reports of Android 3.0 "Gingerbread" being optimized for tablets.  LG will have to wait until Android 3.0's release before releasing their tablet.

Internet Explorer Falls Below 50% in Market Share

For the first time ever, StatCounter has recorded Internet Explorer's browser market share at less than 50% worldwide.  Can you believe it?  This means that more people in the world use browsers like Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Chrome instead of IE.  Although it's a slight majority (IE has 49.87%), it's a major milestone in internet history.  In Europe, IE market share has fallen to 40.26% while it still commands 52.3% in North America.

Chrome 7 - The Beta
Fresh out of the dev channel is the beta release of Chrome 7.  This version features built-in support for Google Instant, default support for WebGL 3D graphics, and hardware acceleration for some CSS transformations.  This beta release fixes a number of bugs since the dev channel release.  The Chrome developers say that development is going to start moving faster.

5 Maven Tips
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Cosmin Mutu replied on Thu, 2010/10/07 - 1:08am

Why are you talking about Chrome 7 and displaying a Firefox logo? :) just curious :)

Artiom Gourevitch replied on Thu, 2010/10/07 - 2:32am

The link from " StatCounter has recorded " leads to an article about Google Chrome release instead of browsers market share :)

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