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Daily Dose - Another Android OEM Gets Sued

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After Apple Sued HTC for Android phone-related IP infringement a few months ago, and then after Oracle sued Google for Dalvik's particular usage of Java, a third tech giant has taken aim at the Android Alliance.  This time it's Microsoft, and they're suing Motorola.  Microsoft alleges that Motorola's Android line violates nine patents that could be related to Outlook/Exchange patents (they're pointing at email sync, calendar, and contacts.  In April HTC signed a license agreement with Microsoft - possibly over similar patents.  Google had this to say about the news: "We are disappointed that Microsoft prefers to compete over old patents rather than new products."

SUSE Appliance Toolkit Now Spins EC2 Images
Soon-to-be-acquired Novell released SUSE Appliance Toolkit 1.1 recently with the new tools required for generating Amazon EC2 images.  The Appliance Toolkit is used to generate and manage local software appliance versions on Linux.  1.1 also adds support for KVM and the OVF standard.  

Apache Shindig 2.0 Supports OSAPI
Project committers have released Apache Shindig 2.0, which is an open source RI for a PHP and Java OpenSocial container.  The 2.0 version supports OpenSocial API 0.9 and parts of 1.0.  The new version also supports a lightweight JavaScript API (OSAPI), OpenSocial templates, and implementations of OpenSocial payments and groups features.

YouTube is 13% of Mobile Network Data
A report from Allot Mobile Trends indicates that YouTube video accounts for 40% of the 35% chunk of total video streaming data carried over mobile networks.  This equals about 13% of all data.  The stats also revealed that web browsing accounted for 29% of carriers' data flow.  Facebook traffic is also on the rise.

Is it time to fork Java?
Greg Luck, the creator of Ehcache, is looking for your thoughts on a Java fork.
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