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Daily Dose - London Stock Exchange Switches to Linux - Breaks Record Trading Speed

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The London Stock Exchange (LSE) has recently migrated from a .NET system over to Linux for their stock trading system.  Recent tests have broken the trading speed record on their prior system.  The record breaking average trading latency time happened on the LSE's dark pool anonymous trading venue, a smaller network that transitioned over two weeks ago.  

Rumor: Nexus Two Could Spoil the WP7 Party
According to several anonymous sources cited on Android and Me, Google's next directly-sold Android phone, currently designated by the media as "Nexus Two", is expected to arrive on November 8th or 11th.  This is about the same time that the first Windows Phone 7 handsets will ship in the US.  Could it affect Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 homecoming sales?

New Spring Securities Unlocked
SpringSource released Spring Security 2.0.6 and 3.0.4.  The 2.0.x release is for users who haven't upgraded to Spring Security 3 yet.  Both releases have fixed a few bugs and are primarily maintenance releases.

IE9 Nears Completion
As Microsoft opens its Professional Developer's Conference they are announcing that Internet Explorer 9 is nearly complete.  The release candidate is almost finished and at the conference, Microsoft released the sixth platform preview.  The company reports that the IE9 beta got 10 million downloads.  

The Switch to Gradle: A Good Move for Hibernate?
What does Javalobby think about Hibernates switch from Maven to Gradle.  Take the poll and find out!
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