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Daily Dose - Firefox 4 Postponed Until 2011

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Last week we found out that Mozilla was running into roadblocks trying to fix a bunch of bugs in the seventh beta for Firefox 4.  These roadblocks have now led to a delay in the final release train for Firefox 4, which was expected after the September release date had come and gone.  The new schedule has Firefox 4 GA being released in early 2011.

54% of H.264 Web Video is Available Through HTML5
Web developers will remember 2010 as the year of HTML5 video emergence.  That's because amount of HTML5 video running with the H.264 codec has doubled in the last five months.  It also doubled between the first five months of this year.  These findings were recorded by Mefeedia, who says that mobile video is a major driver of HTML5 video.  The current amount of H.264 video available for HTML5 playback is now at 54% they say.

Griffon 0.9.1 Revamps MVC Artifacts

Although Griffon 0.9.1 was mainly a maintenance release, there are still a few new features, such as the modified MVC artifacts.  Developers can now write these artifacts in JVM languages other than Groovy.  Other new features include default imports per artifacts support, improved native library support for plugins, and the ability to pass command line arguments to running applications.

Google Wants Go Front End Included in GCC 4.6
A Google engineer recently suggested that the Go programming language front end be included in the GNU Compiler Collection 4.6 release, which is slated for 2011.  The code was nearly ready for integration and Google just needs to fully separate the Go front end and the GCC-specific interface.  All of the changes will affect Go and no other languages.

JavaOne Has Been Replaced

Dave Klein argues that other conferences have replaced JavaOne as the premier Java developer conference.  Benjamin Klein posted the link.
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Dave Klein replied on Fri, 2010/10/29 - 8:05pm

I don't mean to complain, but I think you missed the single sentence second paragraph. It said:  "As excellent as it was, I'm not saying that SpringOne/2GX has replaced JavaOne."

What I actually argued was that JavaOne has been replaced by a bunch of different, more affordable, and better-focused conferences, here in the US and around the world.

If you could fix this, I would be very grateful.

Thanks, Dave

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