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Daily Dose - First Windows Phone 7 Models Hit UK Stores

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Today we'll get a glimpse into Microsoft's future in mobile computing as the first Windows Phone 7 handsets are released in UK stores.  The models include the HTC 7 Mozart, Trophy, and HD along with Samsung's Omnia 7.  Carrier options include Orange, Vodafone, O2, and T-Mobile.  

Virgo RC
The Eclipse Virgo project (formerly Spring dmServer) has reached release candidate status for its current version, 2.1.  The documentation now includes a "creating an application with Virgo" guide.  As long as no significant bugs are found, Virgo 2.1 will be released by the end of October.

Python 3 Now the Default Package
ArchLinux is reporting that a major update to Python has made the 3.x series the new default "python" package.  The 2.x series has been migrated to a package named "python2".  Python 2.7 was the last feature-adding release in the series and there is currently a moratorium on Python 3 development.  What Python developers need to know is that /usr/bin/python now points to the 3.x binary, so any program requiring 2.x needs to point to /usr/bin/python2.

Trouble for Symbian?
The Executive Director of the Symbian Foundation, Lee Williams, is stepping down this week from his position and CFO Tim Holbrow will take his place.  As more OEM partners abandon Symbian, it could have a negative effect on Nokia, who helped create the foundation and uses the Symbian OS for many handsets.  Right now Nokia is splitting resources between Symbian and Meego, while Google, Apple, and Microsoft threaten to push those mobile OS' into obscurity.

My first Android app - 18 things I learned
Great lessons from a first time Android developer.  Kevin Peck posted the blog as well as the link.
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