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Daily Dose: Shiny New GlassFish 3.1 Released

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GlassFish Server Open Source Edition 3.1 has been released to the general public. This open-source version of GlassFish includes full clustering and centralized cluster administration. Also available is the supported Oracle GlassFish Server 3.1. Users of the Oracle version of the server will enjoy integrated Server Control.

Google Offers New Update to Chrome Developer Tools

The new, updated version of Chrome Developer Tools boasts several new features. Communication between Chrome and an external web server is facilitated by a new Network Panel.  Data can be sorted and cleared through the Network Panel, and network data can be exported into the HTTP Archive format. Modificaiton of CSS definitions has been simplified in response to developer input.

Ajax.org's New Cloud9 IDE : Mobile App Development In the Cloud

Ajax.org has released a new cloud-based Integrated Development Environment for JavaScript, using the new HTML5 web-standard. Supported languages include Python, Ruby, and PHP.  Projects can be edited, accessed, and shared from nearly any workstation and some mobile devices.

Seam 3 Taking its Final Form

The new Seam 3.0.0.CR1 release is touted by the Seam development team as being "stable" and "closely resembles the final release". Features perfected in this release include consolidated API documentation and reference documentation.  A new directory makes searching the source code for Seam modules a breeze. Within the next two weeks, the Seam3 development team will release CR2, an update that includes a preliminary version of SeamForge.

20 Software Developing Best Practices

Here are some good points to keep in mind.
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Arun Gupta replied on Tue, 2011/03/01 - 12:19am

Thanks Katie for the post! The correct link to download GlassFish is http://glassfish.java.net/downloads/3.1-final.html.

Kookee Gacho replied on Sun, 2012/06/03 - 7:02pm

he upgrade process will overwrite files that you have modified and may modify the database schema. You must backup your JAMWiki database and any files from your webapp folder that have been customized prior to upgradin.-Madison Pharmacy Associates

Carla Brian replied on Sat, 2012/06/16 - 8:27am

I want to try this one. I think it is really effective. - Joe Aldeguer

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