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Daily Dose: Seam 3 Release Candidate On the Way

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The second beta for Seam 3 was released this week.  This final beta includes several enhanced features, such as consolidated API documentation and many bugfixes.  The candidate release (CR) is expected by the end of this month.  Final release could be as early as March, 2011.  It's finally coming!

Search Your Cache with Terracotta Ehcache Search

Ehcache is now searchable (natively!) using Terracotta's newly unveiled Ehcache Search feature.  Terracotta says that searches can be performed against Element keys and values using extracted attributes much like the key-value concept behind some NoSQL databases.  Attributes are searchable in two different ways: programmatically and by configuration.  Mike Allen from Terracotta told DZone that Apache Lucene was one of the search technologies rolled up into this solution: “We do in fact currently make use of Lucene behind the scenes in our distributed search implementation (but not in the standalone implementation). Lucene isn't exposed to users - so we may replace it in the future. Key to our solution is that we combine Lucene with our own code to deliver performant scale out. We don't use Solr."  Ehcache Search has been built into the core Ehcache API and can be downloaded immediately. 

Release the Kraken! Tame it with Puppet

Puppet Labs has released a case study detailing their use of Puppet to manage the academic supercomputer dubbed "Kraken."  In the past year, Puppet has successfully been used to manage several massive servers.  To date, servers have been consistently maintained at over 95% and it's made security, recovery, and other things a lot easier for Stephen McNally, the sys-admin for this beast of a computer at the University of Tennessee. 

Final Release of Spring Python 1.2

With the final release of Spring Python 1.2, support has now been added for Pyro 4 and Secure XML-RPC connections.  1.2 also improves the API for SQL insert operations and fixes several bugs.  Spring Python 1.2 is now based on Python 2.6.    

Wikipedia Guy Deletes Programming Articles!

Controversy blooms over apparent repression of programming information on Wikipedia. Thanks to Osman Pala for bringing this to our attention.
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