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Daily Dose: Release of jQuery 1.6

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Version 1.6 of the jQuery, a widely-distributed JavaScript library, is ready for download. One of the most prominent improvements to jQuery 1.6 is the rewrite of the Attribute model. Thanks to these changes, overall event handling is enhanced. Case mapping of data attributes has been updated to meet the HTML5 specifications. A complete list of bug fixes is available in this summary. You can download jQuery 1.6 here. jQuery 1.7 is tentatively scheduled for an August release date.  

New SpringSource Certification

The SpringSource development team has approved two new SpringSource certifications. Developers who have successfully completed the Core-Spring certification can now pursue the Web Application Developer Certification or the Enterprise Integration Specialist Certification. According to the SpringSource site, a SpringSource certified web application developer can demonstrate "the ability to apply Spring's web projects to develop real-world Java web applications. A certified Enterprise Integration Specialist is an expert in all things involving Spring integration (i.e. JMS, Spring Batch, Spring Integration and Spring Web Services).  

IonMonkey, a New JIT For Mozilla

SpiderMonkey's getting a new JavaScript JIT compiler. Mozilla has announced the beginning of their IonMonkey complier project. It is hoped that the new compiler will optimize their SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine, enhancing the functionality of Firefox, Thunderbird, Adobe Acrobat, and MongoDB. Thanks to SSA compiler intermediate representations, optimizations such as type serialization, linear-scan allocation, dead-code elimination, and loop-invariant code motion are expected. Interested developers can keep track of the latest IonMonkey news via the Mozilla Wiki.

A Better Installer for Tiny Core Linux 3.6

Robert Shingledecker, lead developer for Tiny Core, has officially announced the arrival of Tiny Core Linux 3.6.  The new release of features an enhanced installer.  Users of Tiny Core Linux 3.6 can access a GUI interface when using a USB drive or standard hard drive. At just over 10 MB, Tiny Core Linux 3.6 truly lives up to its name. 


How do you convince the average web user to switch to a non-IE browser?

An interesting question... Thanks for the link Simon Peter.
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Zqudlyba Navis replied on Wed, 2011/05/04 - 5:19am

How do you convince the average web user to switch to a non-IE browser?

Most users use IE for 8hrs a day, 5 days a week in the office behind the corporate firewall.
It's the only browser endorsed by corporations who don't know any better.
Often, these users don't have admin rights to install software on their corporate PC.

Andy Leung replied on Wed, 2011/05/04 - 8:11am

Actually, there are a lot of large enterprises in Canada that have loose control on use of FF and there are many home users who actually use FF at work. And in terms of upgrading technologies, Canada is usually behind (US). So you almost don't have to convince people but it requires some thoughts in rollout strategy, training and support, that's all.

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