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Daily Dose: Django 1.3 Makes its Big Debut

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The new Python-based web framework, Django 1.3 has been released after nearly a year of ongoing development effort.  Django developers focused on updating a variety of smaller-scale feature requests including, among others, configurable delete cascades and context markers.  Larger additions include class based views, and a new testing framework supporting the unittest2 library.  mod_python support and Django Test Runner are slated to be phased out after this release.  Django 1.3 is compatible with any version of Python after version 2.4.  Version 1.4 of Django will require an upgrade to Python 2.5.

RabbitMQ 2.4 Server Ready To Run

Open source messaging server Rabbit MQ has been updated.  RabbitMQ 2.4.0 has several enhancements and numerous bug fixes.  Faster routing of topic exchanges and sender-selected distribution allows for improved speed and enhanced sender confidentiality. The bug that resulted in dead SSL connections on Erlang when using "rabbitmgctl list_connections" has been fixed.

Beta Release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.1

The first Beta of the new Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) version 6.0 is available for download.  RHEL 6.1 beta has several new functions and hardware drivers.  Most notable among the drivers is a driver devoted to the new Sandy Bridge Intel processor produced at the beginning of this year. Another notable release feature is support for PCI Express 3.0.

Camino 2.0.7 Update to Mac Web Browser Completed

Thanks to the work of the Camino Project, a new version of the Camino open-source browser is available for Mac. Much like their competitor Firefox, Camino uses Gecko as a rendering engine. In the new release, developers have restored the ability of several Java applets to open new windows and have updated the blacklist of invalid HTTP certificates.

Reinhold Already Talking About Java 9

Here's a brief look at what the future might hold for the Java universe. 

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Jacek Furmankiewicz replied on Thu, 2011/03/24 - 4:17pm

Django rules. It makes 99% of Java web frameworks look like a joke.

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