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Daily Dose - Google Fires Back: 'Oracle Doctored the Code in Question'

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Google presented a new document to the court in the Oracle-Android case.  In the document, Google says that they did not copy Oracle's Java APIs and that Oracle had revised or deleted essential passages in the evidence that attempts to prove Google's copying.  Google also says that even if they did violate Oracle's Java rights, they can't be held responsible because the copyright violations would be the responsibility of third-parties.  Google now thinks that Oracle's patents should be declared invalid.

MySQL 5.5 Connects Alternative Authentication Methods
The second release candidate for MySQL is ready for download with alternative authentication.  This is a change from MySQLs proprietary user management which couldn't be used with common UNIX mechanisms.  Now MySQL supports authentication procedures such as Kerberos, PAM, LDAP, and Windows Log-in IDs.

jQuery 1.4.4 Release
A lot of bug fixes and minor improvements arrived in this week's new jQuery release.  jQuery 1.4.4 features one new feature: the addition of a new animation method called .fadeToggle().  Calling .data() has added HTML5 improvements and jQuery.props has been moved from support.js to attributes.js.

Freebase Gridworks Becomes Google Refine - A Tool for Cleaning Data
Four months after acquiring Metaweb, Google has taken the company's Freebase Gridworks OSS tool and made it their own.  Renamed Google Refine (v2.0), Google has added QA support on data loads and a new extension architecture to the project.  Refine is being used by, and the Chicago Tribune to clean up inconsistencies in data and extend the data sets with new information.

Java Developers, Don't Throw Out Your Mac Yet: Apple Will Contribute To OpenJDK
Finally, some very good news for the Java community. For those who were worried about the future of Java on OSX, don't worry: Apple have just announced that they will be working with Oracle on the OpenJDK project.
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