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Daily Dose - Seam 3 Goes Beta

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JBoss' grand, all-encompassing Java development framework is nearly finished.  This weekend, the 3.0 version reached Beta 1 status.  It is the first release to have all of the Seam modules (Drools, Errai, Servlet, JBoss ESB, etc.) bundled into a single download.  Maven users shouldn't have to do much to upgrade their version of Seam.  Beta 2 should be released on February 11 with a consolidated API and reference docs.  

Good News for .NET Devs Building Parallel Apps
Nvidia just announced that their Parallel Nsight Professional Edition would be made available to all Visual Studio developers for free!  The Parallel Nsight toolkit helps developers harness the power of the GPU in the construction of applications that run concurrent processes.  These applications can run highly parallel processes on top of Nvidia's CUDA-enabled GPUs.

NetBeans Drops Rails Support - Anyone Affected?

The NetBeans developers at Oracle have decided to stop investing resources in the Ruby on Rails support for further versions of NetBeans.  NetBeans 7 will drop support due to the lack of interest among NetBeans users.  Developers will still be able to use NetBeans 6.9.1 or earlier to develop Ruby applications with Rails.  Right now I haven't heard of any NetBeans users being affected by this change.

JBoss Tools 3.2 now Supports Maven Integration
The newly delivered RC 1 for JBoss Tools 3.2 features automatic runtime detection and Maven integration.  User experience is also improving for the Deltacloud tools and the Teiid Instance wizard has been improved.  JBoss tools are a package utilities from JBoss in the form of an Eclipse plugin.  The plugin is the 6th most downloaded plugin on the Eclipse Marketplace

Eclipse 3.7 and 4.1 M5 News
Check out all the new features  for Eclipse 3.7, e4, and Equinox.
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Daniel Ribeiro replied on Mon, 2011/01/31 - 8:14pm

You haven't heard NetBeans users being affected by it dropping Ruby support? It  doesn't require going too far to hear them screaming...


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