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Daily Dose - Oracle Threatened Hudson Creator With the Lawyer Stick

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As the Hudson community chooses sides today with a vote for or against renaming the project and moving development away from Oracle, the creator of Hudson, Kohsuke Kawaguchi made "One last plea" in the Oracle divorce drama:

"When the representative of Oracle says it to my face that I should just go find something else to work on, or that I need to immediately stop making [infrastructure] changes or the next email I will receive will be from their lawyers, or when you hear him describe me as a hurdle to the community, I think writing on the wall is pretty clear to me.

As such, regardless of the outcome of the vote, I find it very unlikely that I can continue to contribute to the Hudson project, and thus I will move on on Jenkins."

This was a surprisingly candid statement from the star Sun developer who left Oracle quietly with no complaints last year.  JBoss Founder Marc Fleury also responded to Oracle's last year of relations with the open source community, saying that there has been a crackdown on their open source projects inherited from Sun: "It seems Oracle has declared open season on Open Source java," Fleury said.  As a response, Fleury believes that "a lot of the OSS community is flipping the bird to Oracle."  We'll have to wait and see who the majority of Hudson devs side with.  In a few days, we may see third party contributions to Oracle's "Hudson" dry up while contributions to "Jenkins" flourish.

JCP is Not That Secretive Says Chair

JCP Chair and Oracle employee Patrick Curran has responded to a blog post by Simon Phipps, the head of the Open Source Initiative.  Phipps was actually praising Oracle's nomination of the Brazilian JUG "SouJava" to fill the void left by Apache's departure from the JCP.  Curran didn't like that Phipps called the JCP's decision-making "opaque".  Curran said that Expert Groups rarely mark any information as classified and that it is always disclosed during a public review.  He also says that even though the EC has the right to conduct private sessions occasionally, this doesn't happen very often he says.  Half of the current JSRs are run like open source projects with transparency in mailing lists and public issue tracking, but Curran expects that a revision to the JCP rules will make transparency mandatory for all EGs.

Google Gives Developers a Sneak Peek at Android 3.0.
The army of Android tablets must be on their way because Google finally gave developers Android 3.0 "Honeycomb".  The newly released preview SDK is optimized for building tablet-sized interfaces and graphics (as predicted).  There's also support for multicore architectures and a bunch of new multimedia and connectivity additions.  These include HTTP Live streaming support and New APIs for Bluetooth A2DP and HSP let applications.

Mingle 3.3 Meets Go (not Google's Go)
ThoughtWorks Studios continues to more-fully implement the agile ALM process derived from experts like Jez Humble and Martin Fowler in its latest tuning of Mingle - the workflow management piece of their three-part production train.  That lineup also includes Twist, their test automation software, and Go (formerly Cruise), an agile release management system.  Let's have TWS tell us what the new features are in this shiny new video:

10 Steps to Become an Outstanding Java Developer
If you are a Java developer and passionate about technology, you can follow these ten points which could make you an outstanding Java developer.
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Loren Kratzke replied on Sat, 2011/01/29 - 5:48am

Perhaps I am the last javalobby member with balls, or perhaps I make too much money and have a slim chance of retirement, you decide.

But I will proudly stand up and say that Oracle can go f*ck themself. I challenge Larry to prove he is worth more, or even equal to the efforts of ANY open source effort - nix that - anything I can personally do to make humanity better, that doesn't take a f*cking billion dollars to buy. Come get me Larry, you friggin' wussy.

 Now I am mad. I can't stand it when presidents hide behind troops, or when CEOs hide behind lawyers. I bet he and/or his cronies write me off as some wild ass developer hopped up on goof balls, but this is a gentleman's bet. I am serious. Larry, you make me sad. Very, very, very sad. You are pathetic. Simply pathetic.You are tiny. A tiny, tiny hypocrite. Your Buggati proves it. Who else would buy a f*cking Buggati but you, shrimp. You make me sick. Excuse me while I wretch bile on the wall as I type this, you filth that purports to be human.

 Take Java, Netbeans, VirtualBox, MySQL, and go have a happy time in the bathroom with your million dollar trani hooker you piece of subhuman shit. Prove you are worth the precious oxygen you consume and I will back off. Until then, go ahead and continue to stink up the planet as you have been.

FU and your lawyers. The rest of us have a job to do, lives to live, and things to actually accomplish.

And I mean all of that in the nicest possible sense.

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