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Daily Dose - Spring Data Graph - Bringing NoSQL, MapReduce, and Cloud Data to Spring Apps

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A new project from Spring has been announced recently with its first milestone release.  Spring Data Graph 1.0 will focus on making it simpler for developers to build Spring-based apps that hook into things like MapReduce, NoSQL data stores, and cloud data services.  The very first module added to Spring Data Graph in this milestone was an integration for Neo4j - a Java-based Graph DB.

Edit Your Code Hosted on Google Right in the Browser!
Google Project Hosting recently added a helpful new feature to its Google Code pages - the ability to edit code within the browser.  Now when you notice a bug or typo while looking through the code on the site, you can quickly and easily fix it.  Just click on the edit file button and preview your changes before submission.  If you don't have commit privileges, you can just file your changes as a patch in the issue tracker.

Micro Focus Puts COBOL on the JVM
We all know COBOL is still out there, especially in financial processing systems.  That's why Micro Focus has just revealed its product, Visual COBOL R3.  It allows COBOL coders to to deploy on Java platforms like Eclipse and the JVM.  It also adds constructs from both Java and C# to make COBOL programming less painful. Finally, the development up in Visual COBOL allows remote debugging from the desktop for Linux and Unix servers.  

Google Submits VP8 Docs to IETF
Google recently submitted the bitstream documentation to the  Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) with a request for comments.  The company says that the submission doesn't signal standardization, but it does mean that Google wants to create a canonical public reference of the document.  To date, the only specification has been the source code, but now the detailed description of the bitstream format and decoding mechanism of VP8 provide a written specification.

Why I prefer iOS Development over Android, from a Java guy
We've got a controversial link today with 10 downvotes and 11 upvotes.  What's all the fire about?  Thanks to Chris Hardin  for the link.
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Maarten Meijer replied on Sun, 2011/01/23 - 5:44pm

RE: Edit Your Code Hosted on Google Right in the Browser! Not on iPad unfortunately! Output looks like crap and MobileSafari doesn't support contentEditable. Same problem as with Eclipse Orion. But then Google wouldn't want it very much to work on iPad, I suspect...

Mitch Pronschinske replied on Mon, 2011/01/24 - 9:00am in response to: Maarten Meijer

Interesting.  Thanks for the tip Maarten.

Andy Leung replied on Mon, 2011/01/24 - 9:29am

COBOL in JVM is nothing new, IBM had that bundled into Mainframe release couple years ago. All you have to do is to code Java in COBOL or code COBOL in Java and use XML instead of copybook in COBOL. You can easily wrap your COBOL with Java code to making it service-oriented that can be consumed as web services through the help of Websphere or internal services using IMS.

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